Frequently Asked Questions about Dehydrated Food Storage

Q. How expensive are Dehydrated Foods?
A. Dehydrated Foods are very economical to use because there is no waste. What comes out of the can is 100% usable. Also, wastage due to excessive portions being made up is minimized.

Q. How long will Dehydrated Foods store?
A. This is the most difficult question to answer. With oxygen absorbers in the cans, the Dehydrated Food will store in good shape for 5 to 10 years, depending on the product involved. We have had some items that were at least 20 years old which, when opened, showed no deterioration in flavor.

Q. Where should this food be stored?
A. In as cool and dry a place as possible. A basement (off the floor) is ideal.

Q. How much space will this food occupy?
A. There is no waste with these foods as they have been cleaned, diced, mashed, sliced or flaked as the case may be. By removing the water, the storage space is greatly reduced, while the amount of useable food solids is increased. A general rule of thumb is about 1/5 the space of more conventional foods.

Q. How convenient are these foods to use?
A. Many people use these foods on a day to day basis. In many cases it is much quicker. When you're ready to use them, just add water. Vegetables, main Dishes, Desserts, etc. can be re-hydrated and prepared within minutes. Cookbooks are also available, and our packaging is easy to store, use, inventory and identify.

Q. What about Dehydrated Food as an investment?
A. With the purchasing of Dehydrated Foods, you protect your family in the event of economic chaos, providing assurance that you and your loved ones will survive if there is panic in the streets, and even if you lose your job and/or income.

Q. Why Dehydrated Foods?
A. Drying foods is the oldest and best method of storing food. Canned foods spoil quickly and are bulky to store. Air, moisture, and bad weather, not to mention larvae infestations and rodents, quickly destroy packaged or boxed foods. Frozen foods are the quickest to go bad, for when an emergency arises, electric power often vanishes. With Dehydrated Foods you will enjoy the peace of mind that comes with emergency planning.